Port of lappvik overview

Port of Lappvik

Port of Lappvik Ab owns the property in Lappohja, Hanko, and is responsible for its maintenance, development and leasing. The company also offers tenants e.g. real estate and port services. The company is owned by Marine Alutech Oy Ab and Nylunds Boathouse Ab.


Marine alutec

Marine Alutech Oy Ab

Marine Alutech Oy Ab is a privately owned Finnish work boat builder providing, project-based design, manufacturing and integrated logistic support for defence, law enforcement and commercial organisations. The company has sold it products and services, in Europe, Africa, Asia and Middle East. They are headquartered in Teijo, Finland, and have produced over 500 vessels since 1985. Marine Alutech Service Oy is a subsidiary of Marine Alutech Oy Ab responsible for service, maintenance and spare parts support predominately for Finnish and Scandinavian governmental organisations.

Nylunds Boathouse

Nylunds Boathouse Ab

Nylunds Boathouse Ab is a Finnish family business in the boat industry with offices in both Finland and Sweden. The company was founded in 2016. The company's annual turnover is approximately EUR 23 million. The company offers maintenance services for both motor and sailboats. In addition, the company sells new and used motorboats. Nylunds Boathouse Ab exclusively represents the Finnish Nord Star boat brand in Finland, Sweden, Denmark and the Baltic countries.

Property information

18 h

Property area

25 895 m2

Building area

7 223 m2

Light building area

200 m